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Ana Maria Jomolca writes, directs, acts and Flamenco’s.  She has written and performed for theAtrainplays and her work has been read/ workshopped/ produced at Labyrinth Theater, EST, Manhattan Theater Source and Nuyorican Poets Café.

She studied Film and Creative Writing at The New School and received her MFA in Fiction at Hunter College under the tutelage of Peter Carey and Colum McCann.  She’s been published in The Sun Magazine, New York Press, National Geographic, and Glee magazine.  Her short story, Twin Bed, in Sisters: An Anthology is out now in bookstores. Her short film, everygirl, debuted at Tribeca Film Center and screened at Women in the Director's Chair Film Festival (Chicago), The New Festival and BAM. 

TV appearances include Orange is the New Black, 30 Rock, Without a Trace, The Jury (Barry Levinson /Tom Fontana), Law & Order, Trial by Jury and Rescue Me. She’ll be appearing in Janet Grillo’s upcoming film, Jack of The Red Hearts.

Ana Maria is a Teaching Artist, walking through metal detectors at a PS near you, performing Sandra Cisneros’s novel, House on Mango Street and Poe’s Tell Tale Heart in American Place Theatre’s Lit to Life Program.  

Ana Maria is a founding member & Co-Artistic Director of LabRats Theater (2009-2014) and proud alum of Hedgebrook Women Writers Colony.  She is currently working on a collection of poetry about anorexic plants, fighting monks, littleness, disappointing breakthroughs, not being in love, bathing only when necessary, following strangers, and one night stands at Motel 8 with Sontag & Bukowski—separate rooms.

 She thanks VSC for creating the space that transforms possibly to possible.