Verbal Supply Company engenders community dialogue between diverse writers and the public via live readings that reveal today’s intimacies, vulnerabilities, problems and concerns of the individual.

Who We Are
Verbal Supply Company is an all night conversation around a campfire with a diverse and rotating group of writers reading their works aloud, from the novel, to poetry, to personal memoir, to monologue, to the short prose piece - and every other conceivable form. We are what people used to do at the old town hall meeting: a multitude of voices that extoll, opine, and disclose themselves, then stand around with a glass of hard cider - and talk about it some more.

Founded in 2012, Verbal Supply Company is a writers' collective that emphasizes diversity and the live reading experience. VSC welcomes all types of writing from novel excerpts, to travelogue, poetry, prose, flash fiction, personal memoir, and the monologue. Readings take place four times a year, and additional writers are welcome to join the program, whether they are new to writing or widely published. VSC readings are held on Saturdays afternoons in a convenient and cozy Brooklyn bar.